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testut latarjet profesores de anatomia en la facultad de medicina de la universidad de lyon tratado de anatomia humana obra. Tomo II del libro de Anatomía descriptiva y topográfica de Testut y Latarjet, contiene Angiología y Sistema Baixe no formato PDF, TXT ou leia online no Scribd. Tratado De Anatomia Humana, Testut Latarjet, Tomos I IV. K likes. La biblia de la anatomia humana.

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Anatomia Testut Latarjet Pdf

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Correspondence to: SUMMARY: Inadequate ossification of the interparietal region induces the appearance of interparietal and wormian bones, also associated with genetic factors. The formation of the interparietal bone depends on the separation of the intermediate segment from the lateral plate by the transverse occipital suture, which means that this bone is formed by the medial and lateral plates. Wormian interparietal bones or epactal bones are located within the interparietal region, being single or multiple, and are located in the upper central region of the interparietal region, the sutural bones, however, are formed from additional ossification centers that can occur in near sutures. Our data have indicated that the frequency of the interparietal bone of 1. In the evolutionary scale, it is a well-noted and accepted fact that the skull of beings derived from the ancestors, in the case of human beings, have less bones than the others. The non-wormian epactal or interparietal bone was firstly described by Saint-Hilaire , and called the Inca bone by Tschudi The skulls were macroscopically observed with naked eye and with magnifying glass and photographed for further analysis. The statistical method used was the percentage relative frequency.

Adult human skull of unknown gender and ethnicity. The sutural bones Fig. This study observed These bones are presented preferably in the elongated shape and sometimes rounded. The post-orbital bone disappeared and with it, all other primitive orbital elements. In primates, the dermal bones of the superior-anterior portion of the skull were too huge to host a brain of immense proportions in relation to the other animals.

Our data indicate that the frequency of the interparietal bone of 1.

It is important to emphasize that Wafae et al. The importance of this subject during the graduation program, due to the presence of these variations in the occipital bone, has been low, which was evidenced by the poor illustration and description found in specialized books. The absence of reports that actually find the meaning of the presence of these variations in the living individual may explain this fact.

Thus, the values observed in this study are consistent with the percentages already established, except for interparietal bones of pre-Hispanic Chileans; however, other approaches as for race, color and gender could not be assessed due to the lack of data that could allow these tests for this work.

Development of Interparietal bones and their variations. Erciyes Universities Saglik Billimleri Dergisis, , Disostosis cleidocraneal.

Os occipitale varyasyonlarive radyolojik Ozellikleri. Ege Universities Tip Faultesi Dergisi, , Fundamentos de anatomia para o estudante de odontologia. Anatomical observations on os inca and associated cranial deformities.

Folia Morphol. Ocurrence of the interparietal bone in human skulls. The effect of artificial cranial deformation on the incidence of Wormian bones in the lambdoidal suture. Philadelphia, W. Saunders Company, Anatomia do corpo humano. A rare anomaly of 5 ossicles in the pre-interparietal part of the squamous occipital bone in north Indians. A study of incidence of the interparietal bone.

anatomia humana tomo 1 latarjet pdf reader

India, 44 1 , Developmental studies on the Squama occipitalis in the Human skull: with special reference to the development of the os Incae. Hokkaido Journal of Medical Science, , The Human Skeleton in Forensic Medicine. Springfield, Charles C Thomas, Rio de Janeiro, Guanabara Koogan, Insan democraniumunda sutural ve epectal kemiklerin varyasyonlari.

The fusion of ossification centres in the cartilaginous and membranous parts of the occipital squama in human fetuses. Developmental studies on the interparietal part of the human occipital squama. Multiple Wormian bones at the lambdoid suture in an Indian skull.

Anatomia Humana Testut Latarjet Tomo 2

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Anatomia para el Diagnostico Radiologico – S. Ryan

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O espaço sublingual

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