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Report copyright / DMCA form · DOWNLOAD EPUB Zelazny, Roger - Amber 07 - The Second Chronicles of Amber 02 - Blood of Amber · Read more. The chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny; 7 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Amber (Imaginary place), Fiction, Accessible book. The Chronicles of Amber. byZelazny, Roger. Publication Topics Amber ( Imaginary place) Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files.

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Chronicles Of Amber Epub

Does anyone know where i can find The Great Book of Amber or individual novels in epub format preferably DRM free. I would rather not have. (Epub Download) The Great Book of Amber: The Complete Amber Chronicles, 1- 10 (Chronicles of Amber) (PDF) Read Online For download. Read The Great Book of Amber PDF The Complete Amber Chronicles, ( Chronicles of Amber) Ebook by Roger

This volume collects all ten novels tracing the adventures of Prince Corwin and his son Merlin, as they discover what forces are attempting to destroy them, and in the process, save the fabric of reality itself. Nine Princes in Amber 2. The Guns of Avalon 3. Sign of the Unicorn 4. The Hand of Oberon 5. The Courts of Chaos 6. Trumps of Doom 7. Blood of Amber 8. Sign of Chaos 9. Knight of Shadows Prince of Chaos. Not all editions listed on this page are for the same book, for example the and editions are limited volumes.

Corwin asks his brother how it's possible that Eric knows about their attack.

The Chronicles of Amber

His brother responds, "What do you think? Is he a cretin? Lord how I cringed when reading these. Here's a sample: "I tried a head-cut, which he parried; and I parried his riposte to my heart and cut at his wrist.

He parried this and kicked a small stool between us. I set it aside, hopefully in the direction of his face, with my right toe, but it missed and he had at me again. I parried his attack, and he mine. Then I lunged, was parried, was attacked, and parried again myself I nicked him and the blood flowed.

Every fight ever is apparently made up of nothing more than a series of parries and ripostes. What's more, the author seems outright lazy.

He'll take you on a multi-page scene and then suddenly wrap it up with something like "let's be brief". My second year was pretty much like my first, with the same finale. Ditto for the third.

But there was no one to surrender to, no one asking for a surrender. Eric couldn't even hear me if I cried out. He was out of the way, directing. So we fought on, and I was down to a hundred men. Let's be brief. They killed everyone but me. At me they threw nets and unleashed blunted arrows. The tone utterly changes from "I'd probably have surrendered" to "at me they threw nets".

Thanks to his genetic regenerative ability, his eyes regrow and he regains his vision. Dworkin Barimen , the mad sorcerer who created the Pattern, enters Corwin's prison through the walls of Corwin's prison cell, and eventually draws on the wall the door through which Corwin escapes.

The Guns of Avalon [ edit ] Main article: The Guns of Avalon Corwin has escaped the dungeons of Amber, where he was imprisoned by his hated brother Eric, who had seized the throne of Amber. All of Corwin's siblings believe that guns cannot function in Amber, as gunpowder is inert there.

But Corwin has secret knowledge: in the shadow world of Avalon, where he once ruled, there exists a jeweler's rouge that will function in Amber as gunpowder should. Corwin plans to raise a legion of shadow soldiers, and arm them with automatic rifles from the shadow world Earth. While gathering these forces Corwin discovers a more sinister problem growing among the shadows.

He meets Dara, a woman claiming to be his great-grandniece, and later discovers a threat to Amber: a black road which runs across universes from the Courts of Chaos to Amber. With his newly trained army, Corwin marches on Castle Amber only to find it already under siege.

The immediate danger passes, but Dara threatens greater peril after walking the Pattern and revealing herself to be a creature of the Courts of Chaos, intent on destroying both Amber and the Shadows. But someone has murdered their brother Caine and framed Corwin. This leads to questions about other missing members of the royal family.

Corwin's brother, Random, tells of his attempts to rescue their brother, Brand, and Corwin decides to find out what happened to the latter. After many intrafamily exchanges, Brand is rescued but is stabbed by one of the family in the attempt.

In the midst of the ensuing intrigue, an assassination attempt is made on Corwin and he finds himself incapacitated on Earth.

The Chronicles of Amber

Before returning to Amber he hides the Jewel of Judgment on Earth. After Brand recovers, he tells Corwin of several incidents leading up to his capture. On further investigation it is found that the blood of one of the members of his family has created the stain. Corwin descends back to the dungeons and meets with Dworkin, who explains how the Pattern might be repaired.

Download pdf The Great Book of Amber (The Chronicles of Amber, #) by DinaJohn - Issuu

After being chased from the Pattern, Corwin eventually discovers that Brand is responsible for the damage and that he now has the Jewel of Judgment. Corwin must now prevent Brand from attuning himself to the jewel, or Brand's plot to destroy the Pattern will succeed. Corwin and his family band together to prevent this, eventually recover the jewel, and discover that their father Oberon, the true King of Amber, still lives.

Roger Zelazny makes a brief cameo appearance in the book as a guard in a dungeon, smoking a pipe and working on a novel which may or may not be The Chronicles of Amber itself. Oberon plans to repair the Primal Pattern at the cost of his life, and offers the throne to Corwin with Dara as his Queen. Corwin refuses and is tasked to bring the Jewel of Judgment across the shadows to the battle that will ensue after the Pattern is redrawn. He sets off along the black road and is soon pursued by Brand and a great storm.

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Through the storm and across the multiverse he comes to doubt his father's success. As he approaches the Courts of Chaos he is assailed by fantastic beings who try to dissuade him, and he finally decides that his father must have failed.

Corwin then creates a new Pattern and uses it to get to the Courts, but has not the strength to prevent Brand stealing the Jewel from him in the process. In a final confrontation with Brand, the Jewel of Judgment is stolen and lost. Brand is killed - by Caine, revealed to have faked his own death earlier by murdering a "shadow" version of himself and leaving the body to be found: shot through heart and throat, Brand falls off a precipice into the Abyss, taking Deirdre with him in the process.

The Jewel is recovered by the unicorn who bestows it on Random, who is then accepted as the new King. The Trumps and multiverse are restored and Corwin relates the story of the first five novels to his son Merlin. These stories are held by some fans to be less of a fantasy classic than the first five due to the difference in writing style, direction and setting. The series is a coming of age for Merlin with his heritage as a Prince of Chaos and Amber.

Trumps of Doom [ edit ] Main article: Trumps of Doom Merlin has been studying computer science on Earth while constructing a secret project called Ghostwheel, a sentient computer based on the Trumps, which Merlin hopes will be able to locate Corwin, who vanished after visiting the Courts of Chaos in the previous novel. Merlin discovers the body of his ex-girlfriend Julia, apparently killed by beasts from another shadow, and subsequently finds himself in sorcerous combat with a lady named Jasra, who has a poisonous sting in her bite.

More unnerving is that his best friend Luke apparently knows about both Ghostwheel and Merlin's connection to Amber. He eventually returns to Amber, which is in mourning: the news has just come that Caine has been murdered, and Bleys injured, by a mystery assassin with a rifle — an assassin who demonstrates with a thrown bomb at Caine's funeral, which misses any other family members that he has access to something with explosive properties in Amber which had previously been thought impossible.

After the funeral, King Random orders Merlin to shut down Ghostwheel, but the artifact shows it is capable of self-defense, even against its creator, who is saved by the unexpected appearance of Luke — who thus proves, with the ability to traverse Shadow, that he too is no ordinary human.

He soon finds that Luke is in fact Rinaldo, son of Brand of Amber, and has been responsible for yearly attempts on his life, on the anniversary of Luke's discovery of Brand's death. Luke imprisons Merlin in a cave of blue crystal which negates his magic abilities and from which he cannot escape. Further mystery ensues back on Earth when several people who apparently knew a lot more about Merlin than they should, turn out to have no memory of previous meetings. Merlin traces his way back to his first confrontation with Jasra, where he finds himself at a magical fort, the Keep of the Four Worlds, a nexus of magical energies which has recently fallen under the control of a mysterious blue-masked sorcerer calling himself "Mask", who seems to have a vendetta against Merlin.

Merlin returns to Amber, ventures out into Amber City, escapes an assassination attempt, and is saved by Caine's mistress, Vinta Bayle — who, also, appears to know more than she ought about him. Merlin then finds himself having to rescue Luke from Dalt, the two having apparently come to blows. Luke reveals that Jasra has indeed lost power and is now a prisoner — and has the cheek to ask for Merlin's help.

Luke ends up in the crystal cave himself — and Merlin, after yet another uncanny encounter with a shape-shifting werewolf which escapes, minus an ear and with severe burns and that appears to be backed by Mask. Merlin decides to gain leverage over Luke by "rescuing" Jasra without Luke's help, and then taking Jasra as a prisoner in Amber.

He confronts Mask, escapes with the now-petrified Jasra, and returns to Amber, where an unusual Trump summoning imprisons him in the Mad Hatter's tea party from Wonderland.

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